Finding Love Using QR Codes

Posted on by Chuck Dunn

A long time debate in economics is one over consumer sovereignty.  It is the chicken or egg debate.  The question being, does demand create goods and services or vice versa?  We here at Dunn & Semington believe in capitalist’s sovereignty.  Whereas, the consumer has no idea of his/her underlying need for stuff until it is put in front of their big fat face, hence the need for marketing.  QR codes, which are totally cutting edge (and who doesn’t want to be cutting edge) are a great marketing tool.  I highly doubt you were sitting in your comfy, little office chair and became overwhelmed with the epiphany “You know what I could really use right now is a QR code and a Coke”.  However, your business should be desperate for the use of QR codes. Whether on your business card, packaging, or promotional material, one scan of a QR code by a potential customer’s smart phone will allow them to have the epiphany, ” I need this product”.

Here is Dunn and Seminton's QR code guaranteed to bring you monthly printing specials with one scan!

QR Codes are rapidly becoming a great source to encode complex information in one quick icon-sized graphic. Bar Codes are so 80’s. QR codes enable you to embed a website address, product information or ransom note in a small area. Some astute marketing-types are even using QR codes to embed entire advertising campaigns, accessible instantly via your Smart Phone.  Eventually QR codes may even be used in a form of high tech dating whereby one quick scan by the smart phone leads you to all the wonderful assets of your new perspective mate (Of course, there will always be the underground web site unlocking all the potential baggage that goes along with your new love)
Either way, have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Make your Valentine feel really special, buy her some printing.  Check out all of our great deals.

And, remember!  Point your smart phone at the next QR code you see and unlock an entirely new universe. Call Dunn & Semington to help you be a part of and explore the QR code revolution!

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