Marketing with Promotional Items

Posted on by Peter Semington

How many of you have been to a conference or an event and have gotten a free pen, water bottle or rubber snake?

I’m willing to bet almost everyone can say they have.  All of these free giveaways that you receive may seem insignificant or silly, but in reality promotional items are a great marketing tool for any business!

Here at Dunn and Semington, we print ANYTHING, including tons of promotional items from coffee mugs to notepads.  Printing items on plastic ensures your message will be around for thousands of years. Future archaeologists may ponder your product.

There are hundreds of reasons why promotional items can work for you. Luckily I’ve narrowed it down to 4:

Attract New Customers: Promotional items are an easy way to get your name out there and to gain new customers and clients.  For example, if your auto body shop gives out pens at an event and a person needs an oil change received one and sees the name daily, then there’s probably a better chance that they will choose you over the competition. Pens can say a lot about your oil changing abilities.

A Different Approach to Marketing: looking for a new way to reach out to your audience?  Although branded items aren’t a new concept, sometimes it’s a fresh way to reconnect with your customers.  Instead of flyers or advertising new sales in the paper why not print your logo on a puzzle or a flash drive!  Try something specific to your industry. A rubber shingle with a logo for a roofing company, a branded set of false teeth for a dentist, etc. Be creative!

 New Website Traffic:  Something we do more and more here at Dunn and Semington is incorporate QR Codes for clients (link).  QR codes are great way to make your branded items interactive and direct them easily to your website.  Throw your website address on a giveaway item. It’s old school meets hi-tech!

Gain Attention:  Sure, you can go with the same old pen and notepad promotional items, but why not try something new?  Why not be the guy at the trade show that everyone is flocking to in order to snag your promo swag?  We have tons of new and trendy products that we can print on like sunglasses and outdoor games!

What kind of things do you like to receive at trade shows? We’ll put YOUR brand on it! Then you’ll never have to go to another Trade Show again!

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